martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Prodigal poet

Ibian Aripko, uno de los poetas y actores que esta participando de la organización del evento nos envía esta poesía, titulada "Prodigal poet"

Uh! Poetically I prophecy thru my poetry
in orbit my soul is released in the naked space of reality.
Hidden from the closed eyes of the common man,
Universal plans gospel by true poets, no regrets.

Ghetto preachers crucified by the mainstream
For Hip hop rap meant to elevate lost souls
And not degrading seeking souls, oh no!
Am one in a billion, the Goddess know I love this game

My poetic lines flow like liquid rock from the sun´s hidden bloc
Murder yall wrote, survival I promote- from thousand miles it floats
life they say is not a free thing but full of free will, I fight to free me.
Mathematics is in everything, everything is in mathematics 4real.

Like elastic I stretch yall brains with my poetry, don´t doubt it
Blow yall mind with my poetic diction, my definition of poetic sickness.
Every time I rhyme they say I don´t rhyme on beat I shout out heat
but when they hear my heat they embrace my feet on their teeth.

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